Books for Kids

Books for Kids

Copycat Cover

My new book, Copycat, was released on August 30 2023.

There are some things about Seagulls Nest that 11-year-old Skye Starling likes …

  • Egg sandwiches (tick)
  • Admiral Mittens (her cat) who’s always trying to get her attention (tick)
  • Writing mystery stories about star detective Red Fox (tick)
  • Spying on suspicious townsfolk with her new friend Bailey (tick)
  • The Annual Squawk Awards (tick)

and there are some things she doesn’t like at all …

  • Winston, the Mayor’s chicken (he pecks!) (cross)
  • Her freshly finished novel being stolen (cross)
  • The crimes in her novel happening in REAL LIFE! (cross)
  • Everyone in the town acting suspiciously (cross)
  • Being the only one who can find the real criminal! (cross cross cross!)

Will Skye uncover the crime wave culprit in time to save the town?

Order Copycat here.

Birdbrain is out now!

When seven strangers arrive at a small Australian caravan park to tell Hadley Boggs that her dad is the long-lost heir to the kingdom of Ludrovia, she can hardly believe it.

Her dad – the world’s most indecisive man, a man who takes the advice of their pet budgie, a man named BARRY – is king?!

Soon, Hadley jets off to an exciting new life, where she meets dancing goats, learns of an ancient Ludrovian prophecy and comes face to face with the country’s hair-obsessed president.

Hadley quickly falls in love with her quirky adopted home, so when she and her new friends discover the president’s secret deal to sell the country to a cheese-loving billionaire, she knows they must act.

But can the Birdbrain prophecy help them save Ludrovia before everything turns to fondue?

Order a copy of Birdbrain here.

The School for Talking Pets

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Doctor Doolittle meets Spy Kids in this funny and thrilling Australian middle-grade debut.

When Rusty Mulligan and his pet blue-tongued lizard, Bongo, win a week at Miss Alice Einstein’s School for Talking Pets, the shy twelve-year-old is thrilled. His best friend will learn to talk!

But once on the secret island with the four other competition winners and their pets, things don’t go to plan. Rusty must work with the children, teachers, a terrifyingly tattooed gardener, many clever animals and the school’s headmistress, Miss Alice Einstein (Albert Einstein’s great-granddaughter), to save Miss Alice Einstein’s School for Talking Pets from two secret agents who have come to shut it down — by any means necessary.

On the island Rusty meets aircraft-building pigs, science-loving cats, award-winning rats and lots and lots of talking puppies. He overcomes his fear of being ‘ordinary’ and learns to trust that his stubbornly silent lizard, Bongo, can do the same.

You can buy The School for Talking Pets here!